Selling Cars to the Public: The Pros and Cons

how to bocme a car trader - selling cars to the publicSelling cars to the public, or selling privately, is a very attractive option. When you become a car trader you can generate a very healthy second or primary income.

The reason is because of the large profit margins. The perfect formula here would be buying a car cheaply from either an auction or another trader. Then advertise the vehicle and sell it on to a member of the public for a nice big profit. Sounds simple enough but we teach you all the tricks of the trade to ensure you always make a fat profit.

Selling cars to the public: the tricks of the trade.

TRADER TIP: Selling through used car sales websites is an attractive option because it is relatively fast and easy to post an advert online.

Selling cars through existing car sales websites is an attractive starting point. If you know what you’re doing, then it’s easy to write very strong, successful adverts that attract lots of page views. The trick is to ensure that your cars stand out from the rest. You can tweak your adverts, contact prospective buyers and answer any questions very quickly online. All you need is  smart phone and your are in business.

The ease of advertising, and the large potential profits, makes selling to the public a very attractive option to most people just starting out becoming a car trader. There’s nothing quite like pocketing £500 for a couple of hours work at the weekend!

Selling cars to the public: learn from the experts.

However, be aware that selling to the public is not without its drawbacks. It is a fine option if you are just looking to make some quick extra dosh, but starting out by selling to the public may not be the best route to go if you are looking to make some serious, long term profits and grow your business into a wealth making machine.

make money selling cars to the public
Become a car trader to create a second income

Perhaps the biggest difficulty (or at least, potential difficulty) when selling to the public is the fact that the consumer has a lot of rights these days compared to a car dealer! As such you need to be very, very careful with the quality of goods you are selling to the public, and be vigilant about preventing complaints, liabilities, returns, refunds or even legal action.

The consumer is protected in a multitude of ways by a myriad of consumer rights groups, and even if you make a genuine mistake and sell on a faulty vehicle in good faith, the responsibility will land squarely on your shoulders.

Be aware that it is your responsibility when you become a car trader to ensure that a car is roadworthy and has no undisclosed major faults before selling it on.

Of course, this does not mean that it’s dangerous or difficult to sell to the public – far from it! Most people buying a used car from someone are not contemplating legal action! All it means is that you must take extra precautions to protect yourself AND your customers from vehicle faults.

So download the experts guide to becoming a car dealer now: click here and start selling cars to the public this week.

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Start Small

Start very small, in your spare time, whilst you learn the secrets to become a car trader.

Work From Home

When you become a car trader you can work from home, all you need is a phone and a driving license!

Total Freedom

Being a car trader is perfect for weekends/evenings until you prove its money-making ability.

Start From Scratch

Low capital required (although you do need some money of course. Every business needs that, even a window-cleaner!)

No Expensive Staff

No staff, receptionist or mechanic required - many successful car traders are one man bands.

Minimal Risk


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